At Lucini Italia we believe in capturing the taste and quality of fresh ingredients. That’s why we make all of our organic sauces from only fresh tomatoes and produce it only during the harvest. We work with one organic tomato farm in Tuscany that uses their own homegrown, organic ingredients like fresh basil and Tuscan heirloom tomatoes to make our delicious sauces. 

The Secret Ingredient 

The secret ingredient inside of our tomato sauces truly comes down to the fresh tomatoes we use. The tomatoes in Lucini sauces are harvested from small fields, which allows for a more homogeneous ripeness. Then, they’re sorted to ensure that only the best berries are included in each jar.  

The Cooked-Once Technique 

At Lucini we use a cooked-once technique, which is a rare process in the industry that allows for fresh ingredients to maintain their garden-fresh taste. Most supermarket brands use a cooked-twice process where the tomatoes are harvested and processed, then cooked again at a later date when it’s time to mix the other ingredients together. This attributes to the heavy and savory taste profile that is found in most jarred sauces. By using the cooked-once technique we are able to bottle the fresh flavor that comes from freshly harvested, super-high quality tomatoes. It also means that we don’t need to add acids like lactic acid or citric acid back in. What makes our tomato sauce taste so fresh and delicious is that it’s just that-fresh! That’s the Lucini touch. Try our Organic, Whole30 Approved Tomato Sauces in your next dish, and be sure to tag @LuciniItalia.