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California Olive Ranch
Impact Report 2023

A note from Michael Fox

At California Olive Ranch (COR), our mission is to help open minds to what makes
great food. For us, all great meals start with healthy, antioxidant-rich Extra Virgin
Olive Oil (EVOO), which, in our view, is the key to unlock the taste and texture of
any dish. To truly appreciate how our high-quality EVOO is a transformational
ingredient, you need to understand all the great practices and good people that
help bring our EVOO, dressings, marinades, sauces and vinegars to your table.

I’m very proud of our team as we continued to make strides on our environmental
and community impact agenda over the last year. We continue to get smarter about
our impact on the environment and in our communities. This year, we conducted a
complete greenhouse gas assessment, which has helped us understand the carbon
footprint of our supply chain from end-to-end. We also collected insights and
created programs to help manage water, reduce waste, and promote biodiversity
on our farms. We made great strides this year supporting our teams with improved
pay, benefits, and job opportunities. We continued to support our grower partners
with research and advocacy. Finally, we introduced new products, such as our 12oz
aluminum bottles that offer a more environmentally-friendly packaging option with
our most affordable price point yet.

Thank you for being a fan of California Olive Ranch, we are proud to have you with
us and we are honored to be on your counter.


Impact Report 2023

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