The Color Of Olive Oil

The color of olive oil can tell us many things about its flavor, origins, and age. Here at Lucini Italia, we are passionate about sharing our love for handcrafted, gourmet foods inspired by the culinary traditions of Italy—from our handcrafted sauces and artisan vinegars, to our truly exceptional gourmet olive oil. Let’s take a look at what the color of olive oil can tell us.


Olives are green when they are young, and get darker as they age from purple to black. According to Richard Gawel, Australian olive oil expert, “Olives picked early in the season tend to make green colored oil as they contain higher levels of chlorophyll. Olives harvested late in the season will typically produce more golden colored oils due to a higher level of natural occurring levels of carotene-like substances. Both oils may be technically equivalent in quality but very different in style.”


There are some exceptions to this, but in general, golden or yellow colored olive oils will have a buttery and mild flavor, while green oils typically are more peppery and robust. Stronger oils are best suited for stronger foods like red meats or hearty soups, while milder oils tend to taste better with mild dishes such as fish, rice or pasta. Both green and golden oils work well for dipping bread; it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

What About Quality?

It’s important to note that color does not reflect the quality of the extra virgin olive oil. The color is no indication of an oil’s quality—it simply reflects things such as when the olives were harvested, how the oil was produced. In fact, color has so little to do with the quality of olive oil, that judges in olive oil tasting contests are required to taste the oils from blue cups to ensure they do not misjudge an oil based on its color!

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At Lucini Italia, we proudly use only the finest Italian and Argentinian olives to craft our award winning extra virgin olive oil. Our oils are pressed within 24 hours of harvest, and held to the highest standards for quality. One taste, and it’s easy to see why they’ve won hundreds of awards!

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